Sustance Abuse Services in Norfolk, VA

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Our clinicians are Masters-level Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSACs) and/or licensed professionals by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

GMA offers substance abuse assessments, counseling, and education utilizing proven clinical modalities e.g. Motivational Enhancement, 12 Step, and Cognitive Behavioral. Most groups are held once per week .

Our programs include:

  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Treatment planning
  • On-site drug testing and breathalyzers
  • Relapse Prevention planning
  • Linkage and referral to other supports

SA Education
GMA also offers a psycho-educational substance abuse program that provides information for individuals at risk for use and family members on various topics to include: disease concept, addictive process, SA and the family, whole person concept, Stages of Change, effects of SA, etc.

Relapse Prevention
GMA offers relapse prevention planning and support for those that have completed substance abuse treatment.

***All programs are also available for Spanish- speaking clients***