Anger Management (M.A.D—Managing Anger Disorders) in Virginia Beach, VA

M.A.D. is a 6-week cognitive behavioral therapy for anger management program. Each of the six (6) 90-minute weekly sessions is geared to help clients recognize, target and heal the sources of their anger. The program is interactive, experiential and consists of homework assignments for group participants. Letters and/or a Certificate of Completion will be provided after the successful completion of the program. This program will provide the information and support you will need to end the anger cycle and live up to your true potential.
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Topics include:

  • Managing the Expression of Anger Constructively
  • Dealing with Suppressed Anger
  • Learning about Negative Stress and Managing its Impact
  • Dealing with Anticipated Negative Events
  • Differences between Reacting Versus Responding
  • Understanding Aggressive, Passive and Assertive Styles
  • How Negative Self – Talk increases Reactivity
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Advanced Problem-Solving Techniques
  • The Nine Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
*** We also offer full day anger management programs****