Psychological Services in Norfolk, VA

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Psychological Evaluations/Testing

Full psychological assessments for adults 18+ to answer specific questions about mental or behavioral health by clarifying a diagnosis, assisting with medication management, providing helpful recommendations, and increasing self-awareness. Includes 90 minutes of clinical interview, administrations of standardized and research-based tools, a comprehensive report, and 60-90 minutes of feedback.

Individual or group mental health therapy (English & Spanish)

Can assist with addressing and treating various problems including but not limited to anxiety and depressive symptoms, trauma related problems, personality disorders, self-injurious behavior, suicidal thoughts and attempts, psychosis and stress related grief, loss, relationship problems and other life stressors.

Eligible Individuals

Medicaid is Accepted!

  • Individuals presenting mental health concerns
  • Individuals in need of evaluation to clarify diagnosis
  • Individuals willing to engage in therapeutic services (Mandated individuals are also welcomes; however, consistent attendance is required)

Commercial Insurances Accepted: Cigna, Anthem, Optima, Anthem, Aetna.
Individuals without insurance may be able to receive services on an income-based sliding scale.