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Behavioral Health Services in Norfolk, VA

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GMA Interventions

GMA Interventions promotes evidence-based, comprehensive, culturally competent programs and services throughout the community. We utilize a team approach to promote recovery and wellness for individuals, families and communities. Our approach focuses on 4 key areas: Education, Emotional Wellness, Economic Security & Empowerment & Advocacy.


Promotes academic achievement and social and emotional development among children, youth and families to foster success in life.

Emotional Wellness

Provides supportive, caring counseling for individuals and families in any phase of life to better handle life’s challenges.

Economic Security

Offers support and education to families so they may improve the quality of their work, lifestyle and finances.

Empowerment & Advocacy

Embraces all aspects of client’s life, and seeks to aid clients in attaining power on decisions and actions in their own lives.

The GMA Differnce

The GMA Interventions Ecological Model of Care is based on the belief that individual behavior is nestled within multiple levels or systems of influence such as: families, neighborhoods, communities, and cultural systems. Each of these levels or systems may exert direct or indirect influence on the level and on individual behavior.

The programs and services at GMA Interventions are based on the premise that behavior health disparities are created and sustained through the interactions of factors that occur at multiple levels of the ecological system. Consequently, “traditional” interventions that do not recognize this complexity have been found to be insufficient to eliminate disparities. Not only does empirical evidence support the contribution of ecological influences to these disparities, but there is an increasing consensus that interventions aimed only at changing individual health have many limitations that multilevel interventions are designed to address.


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